Grassracks Hallsteiner Quad Rack

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The Hallsteiner offers the opportunity to display each ski separately or put them together and display them as a pair.  Angled to maximize visibility of your ski's face, the Hallsteiner organizes, protects, and effectively shows the world what you use to bomb down Double Black Glades.


  • Made entirely from incredibly strong, solid, and beautiful bamboo ply.
  • Adjustable racks allow you to fit any type of ski (Parabolic, Twin Tip, Ski Board, Cross Country, Water, etc.)
  • Unique designs allow for racks to be almost completely hardware free.
  • Newly engineered mounting system makes installation simple and easy.
  • Rack angles skis to maximize display and storage potential.
  • Tested to hold 150 lbs.
  • Hot-iron branded and authenticated with Grassracks' official logo.
  • 26.25" (H) X 33" (W) X 6.75" (D)