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Creative Differences DVD

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    * "Creative Differences" is the pivotal release from Tahoe-based First Tracks Productions. By focusing on snowboarding - and not any one aspect of it - "Creative Differences" does what no other video can - showcase top riders "doing it all." Gnarly backcountry lines, street rails, natural hits and sculpted booters, road gaps, limited but top-notch park/pipe, mixed in with never-before-seen footage on a car tow-in parking lot step-down, snowmobile tow-in river step-up, and acid drops from light towers and trees. High-end filming and clean editing make this 35-minute DVD a must-see. Numerous bonus features make "Creative Differences" a bang for your buck to boot.
    * ATHLETES: Jared McCrum, Ryan Johannesen, Lane Power, Dave King, Nick Hyne, Dave Doughtery, Nick Brown, Joanna Dzierzawski, Matt Carter, Ryan Kronenberg, Wind Kristensson, Heath Lillie, Tim Barker, Nick Brown, Randy Marino, Aaron Anderson, Mike Weir, Mike Abeliuk, Barry Hartman, Chase Harriman, Marek Cholinski and more.