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Against the Grain DVD - a documentary on the life of Tara Dakides

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“Against The Grain” is a feature length documentary narrated by Alecia “Pink” Moore and directed by Award Winning filmmaker, Josh Landan. The film provides a unique look into the life of one of snowboarding’s most celebrated athletes, Tara Dakides. Tara hasn’t triumphed in the snowboard world alone; she has triumphed in life, overcoming amazing odds and many career-threatening injuries to be where she is today, from an early age drug addiction to near-suicide. This film documents Tara’s darkest experiences, as well as her most beloved accomplishments as one of the most influential female snowboarders of our time.

At the age of 30, Tara Dakides has already lived a full lifetime. She is known for her amazing accomplishments as a professional snowboarder and her incredible no-fear determination. “Against The Grain” will reveal many life-changing moments that have happened beneath the surface, which Tara has never shared with the public.

Her progression as a snowboarder led to a revolution for female riders. Tara is the first female to do a backside rodeo flip in a competition and to have full-length video sections in a male-dominated sport. Tara is the first female snowboarder to appear in Maxim photos, FHM covers, Campbell’s Soup and H & R Block commercials, and talk shows such as David Letterman (where she was famously injured), and she was also offered the cover of Playboy and more.

“Against The Grain” will not only tell Tara’s incredible life stories, but re-create key moments as well, using actors, sets, and cross-processed film as a visual tool. This film will take the audience through a very personal, emotional, and inspirational ride throughout Tara’s life. Her story will inspire and captivate all audiences. This is not a snowboard film. This is a film on the life story of Tara Dakides.